Who should face the Undertaker at WrestleMania 30?

Presumably, next year at the 30th anniversary of WrestleMania, it’ll be the last appearance of the Deadman. There is speculation year after year for candidates to end the streak, and next spring will be no different, however being the last appearance of the Phenom, and this truly being “The End”, there is no greater time to end the streak.

Fans are divided between the streak ending with Undertaker being victorious again. Others think it should be broken. Who would give the Undertaker a last match to remember? Who could end the streak? Who will end it, if anyone?

Here are my 5 possible opponents for ‘Taker at the Grandest Stage Of Them All for tthe final time.

1) John Cena – Surprise Surprise. Cena has gone through a career of achieving every possible goal and overcoming every obstacle. He’s done everything possible in the company, bar ending The Streak. He is the most likely person to be able to end The Streak, Cena is the most likely to beat anyone, from The Rock, Brock Lesnar, to the North Korean Army. If anyone can do it, Cena can do it.

Pros: Viable threat to the streak, believable credible opponent, Cena could be the man to end the streak, or could be a huge name to add to the list to the names that the Deadman has defeated. Would result in a long, emotional battle between both men, and push Taker to his absolute limit.

Cons: Cena’s not the best in-ring worker, so the match may not one of the the best of The Streak’s many classics. Riots would probably occur if Cena beat The Streak, it’d be a pisstake if he did that and added that to the never-ending list of victories. Cena may be seen as undeserving of ending the streak.

2) The Rock: If he makes it. There is a lot of deliberation whether The Great One’s clash with John Cena at this years ‘Mania was his last. The Rock is a big enough name to take the Streak on next year, and is another viable contender to end it. With his injury at ‘Mania, it could be debatable whether this match would be worth it, Dwayne may not be physically tough enough for his body to withstand anymore injuries, but then again, what a great match to end both men’s careers with.

Pros: Huge draw for the PPV, Viable threat, Star Power, New opponent, Guaranteed to be dramatic.

Cons: Probably not the best clash in terms of wrestling, as both men are aging and past their best.
3) Brock Lesnar: The Beast is always capable of beating any opponent. Even though he hasn’t been booked correctly since his return, if he was shown to be the monster he can truly be, Taker’s streak may have never gone under as big of a test. If he defeats last year’s opponent CM Punk in this year’s assumed summer feud, after beating Triple H too, the opponent for the Deadman at WM 17, 27 & 28, Lesnar would seem like a valid candidate to finally break Undertaker’s legendary unbeaten record. Lesnar wouldn’t be intimidated by the mental games preceding the match and could easily get the upper hand psychologically with the help of Paul Heyman. Up there with Giant Gonzalez, King Kong Bundy, Big Show & A-Train, as well as Batista and Mark Henry, Brock is arguably the greatest physical specimen to face Undertaker.

Pros: One of the few opponents who could completely dominate the Phenom. Could be a fantastic match, and Undertaker would be put to the test like never before.

Cons: With his rrecent booking, Lesnar doesnt seem good enough to beat the streak. 2-2 since he returned isn’t a good enough win-loss record to end the streak, especially when one loss was to Triple H, the man who has a trifecto of failed attempts at beating Taker at Mania.

4) The Shield: Maybe Taker’s last won’t be one-on-one. With an apparent tag team titles match against Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns at SummerSlam, maybe The Deadman’s conflict with the Hounds of Justice won’t end there. Imagine this: Kane and Undertaker are dominating and about to win the titles. Undertaker has Rollins ready for a Tombstone, but Ambrose attacks Taker and hits the Headlock Driver ( Which really needs a better name ). Reigns spears Kane ( Those Rhymes ) and The Shield retain by DQ. The Shield

5) Kane: This is what I want. The Brothers of Destruction fighting for the last time in a 3 Stages of Hell match at WrestleMania. After losing a tag titles match to the Shield at SummerSlam, the brothers will inevitably clash once more at WM XXX. Kane could go on a final rampage as a true monster, destroying former partner Daniel Bryan at Survivor Series, and after an undefeated run, he will enter the Royal Rumble match. When it comes down to the last two, Kane and Daniel Bryan, the lights will go out and the gong will sound. Kane will be shocked and Bryan will almost eliminate him, but The Big Red Machine will counter and throw him over the top rope. Enraged at Undertaker’s attempt to cost him the victory, Kane will not use the victory to challenge a world champion, but instead to take on his brother’s Streak.

1st Stage: Inferno Match
2nd Stage: Hell In A Cell
3rd Stage: Buried Alive Match

Kane would win the Inferno Match, Undertaker would win the Hell In A Cell, and Kane would put Undertaker in the grave. As Kane activates the digger, Taker will pull him down with him, and they wi be buried together, and both never seen again. Kane would have beat the streak, sort of. This would have to be the Main Event and close the show and would be a fantastic cliffhanger and awesome end to Taker’s legacy. I’d find it fitting for both men to retire together after going through so much. It would be epic, no one is more deserving of ending the streak than Glenn Jacobs. Kane’s career is sadly under-decorated, and even though people want a new opponent for Taker, in my opinion there is no better adversary than Kane. It could be the greatest WrestleMania event of all time.

Pros: Beautiful, fitting ending to both careers. Emotional war of a match-up, possible greatest WrestleMania Main Event of all-time that would never be forgotten, my proposed ending would be unexpected and epic. 3 matches centered around both combatants. Perfect.

Cons: Apart from both men’s eternal lack of appearance from WWE, none. There is no greater possible match for The Undertaker than facing Kane at the Thirtieth Anniversary of WrestleMania. Period.


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